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ID and access control cards are becoming increasingly popular. Residential buildings and businesses alike are choosing to make use of this particular security feature in order to further secure areas and store information about something or someone.

Designing an ID card is fairly simple; however, there are still a few things worth knowing. You'll want to pick a card that looks stylish and professional, and you'll also want your card to be functional. Should you choose proximity cards, magstripe, or barcodes? Which of these you choose will depend on your needs.

Things to Consider

If you're not sure which type of security mechanism to have featured on your cards, the following info will probably be helpful for you:

Opt for magnetic encoding if you wish to store data; data that you may wish to access at another time. Any type of checkpoint such as a business, community center or library will usually require you to store data that can be accessed later on if need be.

Barcodes are best used for quick access. A barcode doesn't reveal too much detail about a person's habits, but is useful in its own right. These particular cards must be scanned by a specialist barcode reader to work.

Proximity or other RFID technologies are a combination of both magnetic encoding and barcodes, and more secure as well.

The Best Type of ID Card

The best type of ID card is the one that suits your need and budget. It's also worth thinking about whether your current needs will change in future.

With a range of different ID-related security systems featured on our site, whatever your need, One Source Industries has something suitable for you. You could get in contact with one of our experts today in order to receive more information about which particular product would be best for you.

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