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1326LGSMV HID ProxCard II Access Card

100 – 2499$2.24
2500 – 4999$2.17
5000 – 9999$2.13
10000 +$2.08
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Item #: 1326LGSMV
The is a ProxCard II Proximity Access Card (Programmed). 

Order Requires Facility Code, Format Code, and Range. 

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Cards.

1326 Base Model Card
L = Programmed, Low Frequency (125 kHz) HID.
G = Plain White PVC with Gloss Finish

S = Base with Molded HID Logo

M = Sequential Matching Internal/External 
V = Vertical Slot Punch

The ProxCard II proximity access card is the industry choice for a cost-effective solution to proximity access control, with universal compatibility with all HID proximity readers. The ProxCard II provides durable packaging and consistent read range.

Custom pre-printed artwork is available. The card can accept direct-print adhesive backed labels (Item #: CR8010AB) for use as a Photo ID card.

Key Features:

  • Price competitive with all other card technologies. 
  • Offers universal compatibility with all HID 
    proximity readers.
  • Provides durable packaging and consistent read range.
  • Provides an external number for easy identification and control. 
  • Supports formats up to 85 bits, with over 137 billion codes.
  • Custom pre-printed artwork available. 
  • A PVC overlay allows for on-site photo ID using most direct image 
  • Thin enough to carry in a wallet or purse. 
  • Create Photo ID card with Item #: CR8010AB Printable Adhesive Label

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